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About Us

MPH Infotech Inc. was Incorporated in 2008 to provide Software Development, Managed Services, and Consulting solutions to our clients. MPH Infotech has a DBA, Volus Infotech Inc. (www.volusinfotech.com).

We understand that every client requirement is unique and we adopt flexible solutions that are tailored to meet the varying customer needs. Today's technology-rich world presents unique challenges to many businesses. Finding qualified and reliable technology experts is essential to stay ahead of the curve..

Our mission is to make your mission a success. Redesigns, startups, online marketing, business development — whatever the challenge, we will ensure a perfect launch. Our elite team lives to create interactive solutions that turn your customer problems into business opportunities.

We provide innovative workforce solutions to companies of all sizes to meet the challenges of today's changing business environment. We have the right mix of resources to help companies maximize the efficiency and productivity of their workforce through our wide array of services.

MPH customers have round-the-clock service who help provide a wide range of development, Managed and Consulting Services. We proactively manage your projects on a 24x7x365 basis.


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