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About Us

What the mind can conceive, it can achieve with the right tools.

Experienced professionals in the IT established MPH Infotech and its wing Esurf media in 2007, advertising, Print, Web and animation fields to provide the best of industry services to a global customer base. Over the past nine years, MPH and esurfmedia has succeeded in turning western attention towards Indian skill sets and talents.

MPH and esurfmedia offers customized business IT solutions and business software products to a global list of clients. Clients today demand that we give them business driven, cost effective that help maximize the rate of returns for clients. We are happy to state that Prism has succeeded in developing long-term relationships with its satisfied clients.

MPH and esurfmedia has all the necessary resources, skilled professionals, software and expertise to deliver a wide range of solutions like:

Pre Production: A competent team consisting of veteran Animation Directors, Designers and animation professionals are responsible for supplying a complete range of Pre-production services for clients. The Pre-production services include

• Character Designing
• Color Model Creation
• Conceptual Artwork
• Key Layouts
• Key Animation
• Key Background

Environment design
• Interior
• Digital Environment

Motion Graphics
• Television
• Film

• 2D Animation
• 3D Animation

• Special Effects

2D Production: MPH and esurfmedia has a skilled team of 2D Animation professionals with proven track record. The studio has an efficient and effective production pipeline, set to produce quality animation in an optimized time schedule.

3D Animation:
The exciting and powerful technology of 3D animation is used today in most visual communication from a flying logo through a 3D animated character.

If you need some simple animation for a website we can do it, if you need major 3D animation for film, TV or corporate video we can do it. With access to some of the latest 3D animation high definition equipment we can act as a complete facility for development, production and editing.

At MPH and esurfmedia we are quite excited about this technology and have equipped ourselves with the infrastructure and skills required to develop high quality 3D animation and special effects based on your requirements for television, film, video, multimedia and web.

• Modeling
• Texturing
• Rigging
• Animation
• Lighting
• Rendering
• Special Effects
• Compositing
• Editing
CG & VFX Production: This division handles all the computer related production activities of esurfmedia. This includes the Digital production of 2D animation and, 3D modeling and animation.
• Special Effects
• Compositing
• Editing

Show packaging If you have a specific requirement not mentioned above, we would be happy to discuss your need and come up with a cost-effective solution.

• Digital Effects
• Digital Compositing
• Set Extension
• Matte Painting
• Rig / Wire Removal
• Digital Opticals
• Crowd Multiplication
• Film Titles & Graphics

Graphic Designing:

Symbol, Logo, Letter Head, Business Envelope ,Visiting Card, Brochures, Leaflets, folders, Annual Reports, Calendar, Newsletters, Ads, Package Design, Trade Show Graphics

Unique Skill Sets

- Story Boarding  - Visualizers  - Matte Paint Artists
- Dynamics Artists  - Set Modeling  - VFX Shoot Supervisors
- 3D Modelers  - Rendering Artists   - Special Effects Artists
- Texturing Artists   - Title Animation   - 2D Animators

- Lighting Artists  - Compositors    - Editing Artists
- Rigging Artists   - Tracking Artists   - Lustre Artists
- 3d Animators   - Wire Removal & Rotoscoping    - Smoke Artists


Skill       - set    Software   Skill - set   Software
Image Editing   - Photoshop    Tracking   - Boujou,pftrack
- CorelDraw 3D    - Maya    2D    - Flash
- 3DS Max
- Softimage
Compositing   - Digital Fusion    Roto   - Mocha,Silloutte
- Nuke - Combustion - After Effects    Stereo3D     - Nuke
- Photoshop
Paint    - Photoshop    - Silloutte
- Combustion     - Mocha
- Silloutte

Our Clients:
• Life Research Academy
• Balafx

MPH and esurfmedia goals:

Learn and grow with every project

MPH and esurfmedia invites companies and organizations interested in a developing a symbiotic relationship that builds business for mutual benefit and looks forward to achieving long term goals in a planned manner.
We welcome enquiries and requests for proposals and assure you that we will be most pleased to fulfill your requests in the best way possible.

Please contact us at :
MPH and esurfmedia
8-3-720/9/2, 2nd floor, Shalivahana nagar,
Yellareddyguda, Hyderabad- 500073, AP, India,
Cell: +91 98853 69369
email: sekhar@mphinfotech.com




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